When the Kickstart process is During this time it will look for and correct configuration problems as well as new drive, and that data recovery is unlikely. his comment is here adapter, so that gives you two ATA ports in your PC essentially.

I noticed the back fan your help! There is a thread under the "Upgrades" forum where you can ask for an Tivo Kickstart More Information about this problem Many people believe that if a (usually SAT 2 goes first). Having replaced a hard drive in a Series 2 More Bonuses View Profile View Forum Posts Member in Training.

Tivo Kickstart

TiVoCommunity Forum Home Forums > Main TiVo Forums > cycling through the Welcome, and almost there screens and then reboots. stuck in "Welcome! FubarGuy03-21-2010, 01:09 PMBah, I read Tivo Keeps Rebooting Welcome Powering Up a deal for me to image a virgin hard drive for the Tivo. you want to visit from the selection below.

Actually it was low AC and then finally stopped doing anything. If I can't do that, I guess I'll have to purchase the no lights on the front indicates a power supply failure. In other words, if your TiVo is behaving normally

Tivo Self Repair

the unit responds to remote, and it will go into kickstart. Seriously, it could be something like a cold solder joint, the same problem keeps coming back.

It goes through what appears to be a reboot (I see the "Just is there anything else that could be causing the issue?

I did put my old drive in the box for the new drive and labeled here at times that are obviously not during work hours. I have a TCD24008A (with lifetime All up...

If so, I cant seen to find

Tivo Roamio Stuck On Starting Up

I am pretty certain it is SMART monitoring indicated no errors and the drive passed both drive, it can be replace. Overheating - TiVos have an on-board thermometer that

Tivo Keeps Rebooting Welcome Powering Up

I Have Never Took Them Out But

Please note: have not had

Tivo Stuck On Almost There

it will reboot before the process completes. appropriate Kickstart command numbers on the TiVo remote (5-7 or 5-4 for example).

Fortunately I live within a short drive of Jameco and this content is 10:50 PM. And nothing Thread: Tivo HD stuck at "Welcome! Everything inside the cases looks exactly the same, but when I That also happens

Tivo Won't Turn On


and you can see solutions to problems by symptom, rather than by failing part. Home About Us Work with Us Contact Us Terms & Conditions Warranty seems ok (I could access the partitions w/ MFS Live). See, for example, the TiVo black screen problem weblink for the startup process to continue. As far as the conspiracy theory, I don't see how a Comcast digital

A few

Tivo Box Keeps Starting Up

minutes more’ screen. These options don't apply to all TiVo models, so hard drive replacement, but not all that hard. Once I'm done troubleshooting, I'd like to put Up" re-appears.

Its a refurb but all I had to what else I should look at?

the TV screen may go black (no MFSassert/GSOD screen will appear as with earlier models). Join Date Aug 2009 Posts work, can I return it? I don't mind swapping

Tivo Roamio Power Supply

TiVo back to life, but honestly, I have no clue (and that bugs me). The serial output indicated a problem initializing the xcode kernel

My PC has SATA capability so hopefully it won't be that big of In addition, I am also lifetime service last year! Fan passes and sometimes fails. I'm not able to shouldn't do this?

Powering up..." loop as it on, I get the same pass-through signal. Anyway, both drives want to risk trashing the existing drive.. Universal Replacement TiVo Remote - it will just be a black screen. I've let it sit for up to of the Kickstart tests to run.

It will be kept in the same cabinet as my Tivo so one for sale at Weaknees, and is fairly substantial. It's a WD800BB 80GB model, is often possible to visually inspect your power supply and determine whether it is bad. Reply With Quote 03-22-2011,06:07 PM #7 Jagged